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Accommodations: options for living in Australia and New Zealand

Having an organized accommodation upon your arrival in a new country is one of the main points in planning your life abroad, whether you are going to study English, University, or any other program.

With this in mind, the AC Australian Centre offers several types of accommodation for your exchange. Check this out.


Types of accommodation


Homestay is one of the most common choices among international students who have just arrived in a new country.

Living in a family home allows the student to have a direct acquaintance with Australian and New Zealand culture and customs. In addition, learning English becomes an easier and more interesting task, as each family situation becomes kind of a private class, moreover the support and attention the student receives from his second family.

In the homestay, the student can choose to stay in a single room or share with another student, usually the bathroom is shared with the other residents of the house. The student is still entitled to two meals a day during the week and three meals on weekends.

Share Accommodation: living with other students

It is very common students seek apartments and houses in Australia and New Zealand to rent and share with other students. These are called share house or share accommodation.

This type of accommodation is usually more economical and also allows the student greater freedom.

You can find ads for houses, rooms and people looking for someone to share accommodation in the murals of the school, specific accomodation websites, and on line groups.

For those who wish to rent a house in New Zealand or Australia, the real estates can help. The lease agreements have a minimum duration of 6 months and a security deposit, called bond, is required, which will be returned at the end of the agreement according to the state of return of the house.

Student residences

Many universities and some other educational institutions offer accommodation options in student residences, located on or near the campuses.

This type of accommodation allows the student to interact better with other students and take advantage of the improved structure offered by the institution.

The student can choose to stay in a single or shared room. Depending on the accommodation, bathroom can either be inside the room or shared with other.

This type of accommodation usually does not include food at its weekly value. Therefore meals can be made in the campus cafeteria or in the community kitchen of the student residence.

Other types of accommodation for your trips in Australia and New Zealand

Bed and breakfast

These are homestay accommodations, where you get a room just for you. Some have a private bathroom (suite). Bed linen is provided by the hosts as well as the breakfast, both included in the price.


Many travelers choose traditional backpackers not only because they are economical but also because of the receptive and festive atmosphere and the opportunity to meet and exchange travel tips and stories with travelers or students from around the world.

The hostels offer accommodation in communal rooms with bunk beds. But they also have private rooms if you willing to pay a little more.


The rooms generally have 02 bedrooms, kitchen and utensils, TV. They are much more that the hotels and offer practically the same comfort, many even have swimming pool.

Motels are also very used, in Australia and in New Zealand, by families with children for trips of vacations or by commercial representatives when in their visits the cities.


Living in Australia or New Zealand is easier with the support of AC Australian Centre!

You have the full support to ask questions and solve all issues involving visa to Australia and New Zealand, international travel insurance, and also have support oficce in Australia and New Zealand.