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International travel and health insurance

Students who want to take an English course or any other type of course, need support to live in Australia and New Zealand. For this, the International Travel Insurance is one of the most important points. Know more about it!


Is international health insurance mandatory?

Australia and New Zealand require the purchase of health insurance for international students (OSHC).

All internation students with a student visa to these countries must have health insurance that covers the entire period of stay. This requirement also applies to family members who are included as dependents in your visa application.

The OSHC helps to cover the costs of any medical consultations and emergency hospital care during the studies in these countries. It also contributes a share in the cost of many prescription medications as well as in ambulance transportation when it is clinically necessary.

Compulsory health insurance can be arranged by AC.


Why Do Your Insurance Travel Additional International?

For those who will travel to Australia and New Zealand, or even if you have already purchased a compulsory health insurance for students (OSHC), we also suggest the purchase of an international travel insurance.

In addition to medical emergencies, travel insurance offers dental and pharmaceutical assistance and also in case of luggage and documents lost as well as international legal support.

AFFINITY Travel Insurance presents the best international assistance plans according to your needs, providing more security and tranquility in your trip.

Ask AC Australian Centre about Travel Insurance!

The AC can organize for you the OSHC compulsory health insurance for students and also an excellent international travel insurance plans that cover any needs during your journey.

AC also guarantees all the support for your trip.

In addition, you will have advice for the visa application to Australia and New Zealand, accommodation arrangements and other details of your trip. Enjoy!