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A cozy town with beautiful beaches, cafes, restaurants, art galleries and a very welcoming people.


Adelaide, with approximately 1 million inhabitants, has an extremely quiet and safe lifestyle. However, it is a dynamic city that offers plenty of activities and opportunities for its residents.
Elegant and very well planned, the city is full of cafes, restaurants and art galleries, surrounded with environmentally protected parks.

The region encompassing Adelaide and the southeastern part of the state has the most productive lands of South Australia. It is a region well known for its wineries. One of the best wine is found in the Barossa Valley.
Churches in the Victorian style of the last century, built with paver stone, contrast with modern buildings, making the architectural landscape of the city beautiful and curious.

Forty minutes from downtown, the beaches are clean and perfect for surf enthusiasts. The best waves in the state are found at the York Peninsula and the point of Pondalowic. Furthermore, they can also be enjoyed by swimmers during the summer.

The markets, in the heart of the city, are considered the best in all of Australia. With vegetables of different cultures, they always attract the attention of locals and tourists.

Cut from east to west by the River Torrens, making a "T" with King William Street (the main street), Adelaide consists of spectacular places for leisure time, such as the Zoo by the river and the Botanic Gardens.

The Botanical Garden has one of the largest greenhouses in the southern hemisphere, with a spectacular view of tropical forest plants, including orchids, palms and ferns.

A visit to Mt Lofty (770m) is mandatory. There you can see the whole city lit up at night. Another option is to cross the 10km canal that leads to Kangaroo Island, the third largest island in Australia that concentrates a lot of beautiful beaches, national parks and great places to swim – a wildlife refuge.

By nightfall, most of the activities involves the famous pubs of Adelaide. Many of them restored to their former glory and now offer a diverse selection of food, wine and beer - the famous Coopers in particular. The Casino, a classic 1929 construction built with sandstone offers complete gaming facilities, evening entertainment and an excellent restaurant.

From culture to nature, Adelaide is a single capital for your organization, style and tranquility.