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Certified Translation services

Usually student must translate some documents, mainly for application in undergraduate and graduate programs or for the application for a visa to Australia or New Zealand.

In order to help the clients in this important stage of its project, AC also can help our clients with this service.


Certified translation with convenience and agility

To request your translation, the client just need to take the documents to be translated to one of the AC offices or send a scanned copy by email to an AC consultant, and in just a few days our team will arrange all the necessary translations.

Examples of the need for a certified translation:

  • Certified translations of diplomas and school records may be requested for persons intending to undertake technical or university courses in Australia and New Zealand.
  • The driver's license must also be translated if the traveler intends to drive during their their stay in these countries.
  • Birth certificate and English marriage may be requested for personal matters.
  • Professional contracts and other documents for visa application.


Full AC support for your study program.

In addition to organizing the necessary translations for your project, you also have the advice of the AC to answer questions and solve all the questions that involve accommodation, visa for Australia and New Zealand, international travel insurance, purchase of international currencies, also with support in Australia and New Zealand.