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Student Agency - AC Australian Centre


While studying and living in Australia, you will have all assistance you need from our AC Australian Centre team in Australia.


Talk to our counselors about study exchange programs in Australia, New Zealand, or Canada. Or talk to our Australian migration consultants from any part of the world.

São Paulo
Head Office


Rua Guararapes, 622, Brooklin Novo - São Paulo

+55 11 5096-4555

Get to know more about AC Australian Centre

Studying abroad is one of the most rewarding experiences a person can have. Whether you are planning on studying or working, the experience of living in another country can provide you the opportunity to get in contact with different cultures, languages, and places, and can lead to unparalleled personal and professional growth.

To maximize your experience and help you to make the most of your journey, it is important to choose a student agency that offers the necessary support you need. AC Australian Centre provides all the assistance and support to make your journey unique, and worthwhile, and ensure that you return home with luggage filled with experiences and stories for a lifetime!

How a student agency can help you

Our mission is to help you throughout all the steps involved in planning your student exchange program. From the destination choice, AC comes into action! AC helps you to find the best option for your exchange program project, whether it's in New Zealand, Australia, or Canada. Based on your profile, interests, and objectives, our team of consultants will suggest the best course, school, and destination.

The next step is the enrolment process in the educational institution of choice, the necessary prerequisites analysis for your enrolment in the desired course, the application for an Australian, New Zealander, or Canadian visa, the accommodation organisation, plane ticket, and health and travel insurance.

Choosing a Reliable Student Agency

A reliable agency offers complete support. From planning your student exchange project to the completion of your exchange. Reaffirming our commitment to helping and supporting our clients, AC has offices in different regions across Brazil and Australia – and it is always prepared to provide assistance our clients might need.

Offices in Brazil

To provide the best quality service, helping with the preparation of your exchange program project with much more security and comfort, AC offers all the support you need. There are several offices spread throughout the country, ensuring that the entire preparation process is more practical, and faster, getting you involved as little as possible.

Offices in Australia

To provide all the assistance during your exchange, AC has five offices in different parts of Australia. Our onshore team provides the extra support the international student requires to adapt to the new country. AC’s team in Australia also can help our clients with visa renewals in case they want to remain in Australia for longer.

Offices in Colombia

With an office in Bogotá, AC helps students from Colombia and Latin America to fulfill their dreams of studying in Australia, New Zealand, or Canada, with complete safety and high-quality standard support.

The best student agency focus on Oceania

One of AC's great differentials is its experience in promoting exchange programs in Australia and New Zealand. Since 2002 in this segment, AC is one of the most traditional and reliable agencies in Brazil, as it has a team of high-quality consultants and specialised professionals, who are always ready to give the right information, and the necessary support to make your dream come true.

Do you want to know how much a student exchange costs? Request the quote! It can be done online, over the phone, or in person. Take the opportunity to visit the nearest office and check out all the advantages that AC Australian Center can provide. #VemComAC and carry out your exchange with safety and high quality!