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Tauranga is one of the major beach towns in New Zealand.

New Zealand

One of the fastest growing populations in New Zealand and easily one of the most vibrant, idyllic coastal regions in the Southern Hemisphere, Tauranga offers world-class natural beauty, an accommodating township and welcoming community vibes all at once, making it the country's premiere beach town.

A perfect package of the kind of cultural and environmental richness New Zealand is famous for, Tauranga is an energetic and energising mid-point between capital cities Wellington and Aukland.

With a friendly communal atmosphere, and as home to the country’s second most active port, the town receives international visitors year-round and is celebrated for its endless Polynesian charm - with picturesque, white sand shores stretching kilometres and such singular natural landmarks as Mount Maunganui from which hikers can view the entire city, this is a destination filled with possibilities for holidayers looking to relax and restless outdoor adventurers alike.

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