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For those who love sea animals and magnificent beaches. A true paradise in the Indian Ocean.


Perth is the growing capital of Western Australia - located on the west side of Australia - a region where the vegetation and the natural beauty is diverse. The banks of the sparkling Swan River, a few miles from the magnificent beaches of the Indian Ocean, give a feeling of space and light that characterizes this city as vibrant and harmonious.

It is a relatively small and quiet city compared to the capital of the east coast. Its main shopping areas can be covered on foot. The city is full of life, but without haste and without congestion.

The Underwater World Aquarium, located at Hillarys Boat Harbour (Sunset Coast), offers a journey underwater with divers feeding sharks, dolphins and manta rays, and whale watching, diving and theme parties.

The region of Perth offers impressive waves, as in Margaret River and The Bluff. Waves over 12 feet can be found without difficulty in this area that receives the same swell that hits the seas of Indonesia.

The city has been increasing, in 2007 the capital had the lowest unemployment in the country, offering numerous opportunities for newcomers and is an excellent option for those looking for a new destination in Australia to easily find a job.

Perth has a great advantage for those wishing to make an exchange and enhance the English language. Unlike some cities, the number of Brazilians is a bit smaller, and thus, learning and contact with the culture of their students is greater.

Finally, the cost of living in the city should also be taken into consideration, it is about 20% lower than in Sydney, even with the recent boom in the local real estate market, Perth is still a city that offers excellent cost benefit ratio.