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Australia has one of the strongest and most stable economies in the world, being open and competitive. Over the last 20 years, the country has lived a steady economic growth, reaching in 2012 more than 1.5 trillion GDP, with GDP per capita of approximately $ 67,000. This steady economic growth is the result of effective management of public policies, accompanied by a low and stable rate of inflation, plus a lower interest rate.

Among the major Australian economic activities are:

  • Mining: being the largest exporter of diamonds, aluminum and coal.
  • Industry: is a diversified activity. Between the main production items are food, paper, machinery and technological equipment.
  • Agriculture: the main imported products are sugar, wheat, cotton, barley, grapes and other fruits.
  • Small businesses: they are also considered a vital sector in the Australian economy, representing about 30% of the economic output and employing more than 3.3 million people.
  • Tourism: is one of the activities that creates more employment in the country, employing about 500,000 people. Australia welcomes over 6 million visitors per year, generating revenues of over 94 billion dollars a year and it is considered the main service of exportation in the Country. The country´s success in this sector is due to the increasing number of students seeking the country to realize their exchange programs.

Labor market in Australia

Due to its steady economic and industrial development, Australia has the need to incorporate immigrants and international job market to your students.

For this, the Australian government offers several types of work permits for foreigners. International students who undertake a course lasting at least 14 weeks, can work legally in the country up to 40 hours biweekly for the duration of your course and full-time on your vacation.

Students who complete an undergraduate or graduate degree with at least 2 years´ duration may apply for the post study work visa. This visa allows recent graduates to stay in the country for 2 more years working in their area of training.

Professionals who already have academic training and experience in the labor market, may seek opportunities in the country through the immigration programs for skilled professionals. This program promotes specific professional areas that are in demand in Australia, such as Engineering, Information Technology and Accounting. Try our staff for more information.

The Australian government has its own portal specializing in Human Resources job search, which promotes direct contact between workers and employers – the Australian Job Search (www.jobsearch.gov.au). In it, numerous job offers are published daily. The portal offers various tools and filters to find job opportunities of interest, either by geographical area, by area, industry or type of work that is sought.

If finding work anywhere in the world is often a difficult task, in Australia, the Internet search tools and the favorable economics make this task simpler.