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Maria Camila Sierra Zuluaga

Maria Camila Sierra Zuluaga
Maria Camila Sierra Zuluaga
Maria Camila Sierra Zuluaga
Bogotá | CO >> Melbourne | VIC

I have been supported by The Australian Centre two years in a row. I am very pleased with the work they've done so far. The Australian Centre is a very reliable company among the so many there are in Australia and by having a very proactive and professional team they have gain all my trust. Their consultants will not only guide you every step of the way but will honestly direct you towards the best option according to your own personal needs.

The course that I am doing now was firstly recommended by one of their consultants and I couldn't be happier with the process and the outcome. I did have some ups and downs regarding a couple of changes that were made inside the company and didn't enable at the time being a proper communication. Once the issues were solved not only did they assumed responsibly my case when I thought there was nothing else to do, but their proactivity and support helped me to get things done on time in order to continue my former education at The Gordon TAFE in Geelong city doing the Diploma in Laboratory Techniques.

In about a year I will have to make the renovation process all over again and I will definitely go to The Australian Centre once more. I believe that the renovation process is not an easy time for anyone and it is quite stressful, which is why I will always recommend going to a place where you feel safe and well taken care of.

It is true and this is something everyone should keep in mind for future projects and references given from a company. The Australian Centre being a third party in an immigration process they can't guarantee being granted with a visa once more since that is a government decision to make. But realistically that does not determine the great work they do as a company and their effectivity on the process. One thing I am a 100% is they will definitely make sure that the options that could make The Australian Government reject your application are minimum and you succeed in your project and receive the best quality education.

Thank you Australian Centre and specifically Lorena Gutierrez and Henry Macedo for the awesome and professional job you guys are the best!!!you guys coped with my stress and horrible availability in order to make everything happen. I couldn't have chosen a better company and better consultants you guys went the extra mile for that and so much more I am deeply greatful!

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