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English for Professionals

Do you want to take an English course abroad, but look for something that adds more to your professional curriculum?

Australia and New Zealand offer English programs for professionals who wish to focus their language studies within their area of expertise.

These courses present content and methodology of teaching developed according to the profile and needs of the professionals of each area, allowing that besides the vocabulary to communicate in the language in the day to day of their professional environment, they are able to produce reports, presentations and to conduct meetings.

In addition to all the specific knowledge that these courses can bring to your career, you will still have the opportunity to live in Australia and New Zealand and train the language daily.

Here are some examples of English courses for professionals.

Business English Course

Business English: This program focuses on communication for the areas of business, marketing, finance and information technology. It is usually offered to intermediate and advanced levels.

Professional English course for hotel and tourism

English for Hospitality and Tourism: focusing on hospitality and tourism, this program offers its students technical vocabulary for the different areas of activity in the sector.

English course for health areas

English for Health: developed especially for people who work in the health area, the English course for health is indicated for doctors, nurses, dentists, among other professionals in the area.

English for Engineering

English for Engineering: course focused on the day-to-day of professionals in the area of engineering, construction, science and technology