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IELTS: International English Language Testing System

IELTS Preparation

IELTS Certificate

The IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is one of the most accepted English proficiency tests in the world.

It serves to prove the knowledge and command of English. IELTS is required for universities and educational institutions as proof of language proficiency, especially when it is desired to take a technical course, undergraduate or postgraduate courses.

It is also used by people who wish to immigrate or work abroad, as well as people who want to prove their level of English during the selection process for job vacancies, especially in multinational companies.

IELTS Preparation courses

The IELTS preparation course helps the student to familiarize with the procedures and content required in the test, through the resolution of exercises taken from previous tests and the performance of several simulations.

The IELTS course also helps the student to improve their knowledge and skills in the language in questions such as: text comprehension and writing, conversation, oral fluency and vocabulary.

The structure and duration of the IELTS preparatory course varies according to the chosen institution. Some schools offer the course with a fixed number of weeks, others allow students to set their study time (always from 2 weeks of duration).

To enter an IELTS course, the student must have an intermediate level of English.

IELTS exam: structure and types of tests

Candidates are evaluated in four communication skills, used both in academic life and in working life: oral comprehension, reading, writing and conversation.

The test is valid for 2 years. It is open to people with different levels of English and its final result indicates the candidate's language proficiency level.

Other proficiency exams in English

In addition to the IELTS preparatory courses, AC also offers special English programs to prepare you for other important English exams such as the Cambridge Exam Preparation and TOEFL.

As well as a program to prepare you for entry into major universities in Australia and New Zealand, the English for Academic Purposes.

The oral compression and conversation modules are the same for all candidates. Already the modules of reading and writing have two versions, according to the objectives of the candidate:

  • Academic: suitable for those who intend to study in a foreign university, to take a professional course abroad.
  • General Training: suitable for those who are looking for an internship or job, and for those who wish to apply for the immigration process to English-speaking countries.

For more information about the exam and exam dates go to: www.ielts.org