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High School

Taking a semester or a year of high school in Australia or New Zealand gives the student the opportunity to interact with people of different nationalities and gain fluency in a new language, as well as being a smart way to help the teenager gain maturity, learn to respect cultures, value people and new experiences.

This exchange program is a very enriching opportunity and develops new perspectives for the future for young people.

High School Offers Adolescent Advantage

Among the main advantages of performing High School in Australia and New Zealand, we can mention:

  • The high quality of educational institutions.
  • Ease to adapt to the country - a nice wheather and extremely receptive people.
  • The excellent quality of life, safety, excellent public transportation system and health of the countries.
  • Coexistence with local students, teachers and family.
  • Contact with diverse cultures due to the great number of foreigners in the country.
  • Personal growth and student maturity.

High School: Structure and Flexibility for the Student

High school programs in New Zealand and Australia are very flexible. The international student can choose the city and the school where to study and the duration of the program. The programs have duration of 3 months, 6 months or 1 year, according to the student's interest and availability.

The school years in these countries follow the school academic year, with classes beginning in the months of January and July. In addition, the class schedule is divided into four periods of ten weeks each, known as terms, and with 15 to 20 day intervals between them.

International students may choose to study in public or private schools, both of which offer excellent teaching quality. There are some schools, usually private ones, that have religious affiliation and are specific to girls or boys.

The classes are full-time, with compulsory and elective subjects, where the student can choose the subjects that he wants to study outside the compulsory curriculum.

Schools have excellent infrastructure for sports and technical subjects, such as music, theater, tourism, design, cooking, carpentry, photography, computing, applied sciences, surfing and several others.

What is required for validation at High School in Australia or New Zeland?

*for Brazilian students.

To validate your high school program in an institution abroad, the Ministry of Education (MEC) requires the student to study some specific subjects:

  • Mathematics.
  • Language - in the English case.
  • A Science - the student can choose between chemistry, physics and biology.
  • A Social Science - the student can choose between history or geography.
  • Physical Education - or equivalent specific sports class.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to the requirements of the MEC, the schools here in Brazil can determine what subjects students must attend in order for their studies to be accepted and they can continue their studies upon their return.

Accommodation for the High School Program

Because they are under of age 18, international high school students must stay in host family determined by the school throughout their entire stay in the country.

Homestay accommodation offers the student a single room, study space and three meals a day.

Students who attend government schools, for the most part, live within the boundaries of the neighborhood of the institution, in many cases, being able to go on foot or bike to school. However, if necessary, government schools often offer subsidized public transportation to their students.

Australian Qualification Framework


New Zealand Qualification Framework


Prerequisites for High School

To conduct a high school program, the student must:

  • Attending High School or having completed it in the previous year.
  • Have intermediate English level.


Some schools in Australia and New Zealand have language support for international students to use if they have difficulty with the language during the program.

In case the student wants to improve the language before the beginning of the classes and during the vacation of the program of the High School, there are several language schools that offer English course in Australia and New Zealand special for adolescents.


Support AC Australian Centre for your High School

Planning an exchange requires a lot of attention with the details in the project, especially when it comes for teenagers study program.

In addition to the quality of the program, it is important to ensure your safety and full support throughout your exchange, so it is essential to have an experienced agency.

At AC Australian Centre, in addition to full support at all times, you'll find everything you need for your High School in one place:

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